PESOBIT, The coin is expected to have a 5% inflation rate with an initial volume of 20 million

Pesobit is an exciting new digital currency that has received a lot of attention in recent weeks. Designed to provide a modern alternative to traditional currencies, it promises to offer a wide range of benefits, including transparency, low transaction fees, and greater security. But what really sets Pesobit apart from other cryptocurrencies is its impressive inflation rate.

At launch, the coin will have an initial volume of 20 million, but unlike many other coins, it won’t be experiencing runaway inflation. Instead, it plans to have a steady 5% inflation rate. This was done intentionally to ensure the coin value isn’t severely impacted by a sudden influx of coins into the market.

What does this have to do with Pesobit holders? Well, in short – it means their investments will remain highly valuable for an extended period of time. By limiting the rate at which new coins are issued each year, there’s less risk associated with investing in Pesobit as opposed to other altcoins that surge dramatically when large sums are released into circulation all at once.

But there’s more than just protected value at work here; having a low inflation rate could make Pesobit more attractive to merchants who are looking for digital payment solutions. Currently, other cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum experience run-away inflation which drives up the prices of goods and services bought with them; something merchants obviously don’t want to get involved in. With its planned 5% inflation rate (which can actually be lowered further) however, Pesobit could become much more appealing for merchants seeking reliable payment options as they won’t need to adjust prices based on how quickly the cryptocurrency appreciates or depreciates in value. As such, they should be able to keep their margins consistent regardless of their customers’ choice of currency.

Of course that’s not the only thing making Pesobit stand out from the competition either. Being built on both Bitcoin and Dash technologies gives it access to some much needed security features which can help protect users from bad actors and ensure that transactions remain safe and untampered with even after being sent over unsecure networks like the internet (something which is especially important for expensive purchases). It also makes use of SegWit technology which simplifies transaction processes and keeps them fast and efficient no matter where you happen to be sending your money from/to (assuming both parties support this protocol). All that plus its relatively low fees make it ideal not only for everyday users but also companies looking for cheap payment solutions without sacrificing convenience or performance!

Overall things look very promising so far for those interested in investing in Pesobit – whether now or down the line when it becomes available on various exchanges within (or outside!) the crypto world remains to be seen though!